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10 Routinely Covered Interview Topics

Richard Fein, author of "111 Dynamite Ways to Ace Your Job Interview" (Impact Publications, 1997, $13.95), offers 10 examples of topics covered by interviewers in screening job candidates.
  1. Leadership: Give an example of how you exercised leadership in a recent situation.
  2. Problem solving: Describe a recent problem and how you solved it.
  3. Change: You must have seen some interesting developments on your prior job. Think about the changes you have seen and tell me how you changed.
  4. Decision making: Tell me about a decision you made recently and how you reached it.
  5. Criticism: Tell me about a time when you were criticized. What was the issue involved, who made the criticism, and how did you handle it?
  6. Communication skills: Tell me how you use your communication skills, written and oral.
  7. Time management: Think about a recent project you were assigned. How did you go about managing your time and organizing the project?
  8. Teamwork: Tell about a recent team you worked on.
  9. Persuasion: Have you ever had to persuade someone to do something they were initially reluctant about? What happened?
  10. Pressure: Tell me about a time you were under enormous pressure. What was the source of the pressure and how did you cope?
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