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We pride ourselves in finding good people - qualified, professional and reliable.

Most of all, Companies and Candidates trust us to keep their searches in the strictest of confidence. Making good on that assurance is part of what makes us so successful, and we have been and continue to be rewarded by long term and loyal relationships.

Because we do our homework on both the candidate and what specifically the company needs, we help facilitate a much faster decision making time. It's because we have a vast network within Florida. After all, our commitment is to bring the assignment to completion, to finish the job and to make certain that all parties are happy with the result.

The Process

Initial Meeting: It is absolutely critical that your business and objectives are clearly understood. To that end, an involved meeting with the client is scheduled to review the position(s) and the four key areas related to the organization: culture, direction, business strategy and motivation. A tour of the facility and an opportunity to interact with several key members of the staff or management is requested. The goals of the Initial Meeting are as follows: (1) understand the need, (2) determine the required cultural and organizational fit, (3) determine a set of pre-qualification parameters and selection process, (4) set the scope of the search and (5) understand the interview process.

Searching/Recruitment: In order to identify the most qualified candidates, ACABO utilizes the power of networking and spends hours cold calling into competitors or similar companies. This process could take a few days or up to a few weeks, depending upon the scope of the search and the uniqueness of the position and the company. Clients are given weekly status updates regarding the search and are notified as potential candidates are found.

Candidate Presentation: Typically, 3-5 candidates are presented, per search, along with a brief synopsis of his or her skill sets, aptitudes, salary and relocation concerns and availability.

Interview Process: We will "walk" the candidate and the client through the interview process, providing in-depth information, preps and de-briefings of each interview. Candidate and client concerns will be address as soon as they surface. We, at ACABO, believe there should be an uninterrupted flow of information between all parties.

Reference and Background Checking: At the client's request, a formal reference and background check will be conducted on all candidates. Formal interview sheets will be completed and all materials forwarded to the client for review.

Offer and Acceptance: Additionally, ACABO can assist clients with the preparation of an offer, if requested. With the pre-selling of the offer throughout the process, clients can take advantage of our firm's expertise in the development of the right package, minimizing negotiations.

Follow Up: This process is never ending. We believe in clients and candidates for life. . .


Traditional Contingency Agreement
  • Fees between 25-35% of first-year's guaranteed compensation
  • 90-day replacement guarantee
Exclusive Agency Agreement
  • Fees between 20-25% of first-year's base salary
  • Agreed upon timetable to provide qualified candidates
  • Agreed upon formal screening process
  • 90-day guarantee period
  • First right of refusal for all candidates
  • An established relationship that begins before a need is urgent
  • The search never ends - a pipeline of candidates are kept in reserve for clients
  • As the relationship develops, the time to fill decreases
Response Screening Agreement
All Employment Ads will be strategically placed by ACABO
  • All candidate responses will be directed to ACABO for screening
  • A predetermined interview process will be used to screen out unqualified candidates
  • All candidates will be screened for any potential openings at client company
  • Interviewing will be set up by ACABO, Inc.
  • Applicant responses will be the responsibility of ACABO
  • Fee = $1500- $3000 per position


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